Waste disposal solutions and management of resources

Expert in the field of disposal and recycling

Ferro Duo is a certified waste management company and maintains plants for recycling, processing, treatment and storage as well as for the handling of the most varied waste streams. In this field, Ferro Duo’s range is comprehensive and serves an international customer base. We are service providers for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Mineral waste

  • Disposal and utilisation of ashes and dust from waste incineration plants
  • Recovery of rare earths from waste streams
  • Multimodal handling and storage of dusty materials

Various salts and salt solutions

  • Recycling, handling and storage of iron salts, salt solutions as well as of spent pickling liquors

By-products of the steel and metallurgical industries

  • Storage and handling of waste material from anodised aluminium plants and waste incineration plants .


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