Versatile recycler for the steel and metallurgical industries

Ferro Duo is at the disposal of the steel and metallurgical industries as a recycler and processor of by-products – and that worldwide.

Ferro Duo covers various areas:

  •  Slags: for example BF slags, LD slags, LADDL slag
  •  Marketing of “high purity“ ironoxides from acid recovery (LURGI, KCH and Ruttnerprocesses)
  •  By-products from the ferrous sulphate heptahydrate pickling solution, and from ferrous chloride solutions/spent pickling liquors
  • Recycling of iron oxides, mill scale/annealing skins (also containing oil and in the form of dusts and sludges), dusts from oxygensteel plants and electric steel plantsas well as from sintering plants


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