Ferro Duo supplies products for the cement industry

Chromate reduction by means of iron salts

Ferro Duo is one of the most important suppliers of ferric sulphates to the cement industry in Europeand a strong partner where effective chromate reduction is concerned.

Ferrous sulphates have proved successful as chromate reducers. Soluble chromium (VI) harmful to health is reduced toinsoluble chromium III which does not endanger health. The effectiveness of the iron salts depends, among other things, onthe available quantity of bivalent iron Fe(II). The Ferro Duo products achieve above-average good results.

Service provider for dust treatment

Bypass dust (kiln dust) is a Portland cement production by-product that accumulates in the kiln during calcination. Particularly during the combustion process using alternative fuels a large quantity of chlorine is introduced into the clinker and the bypass dust.

Patented cleaning process

In order to be able to reuse the bypass dust, Ferro Duo has developed a patented cleaning process – Mercury Capture technology – for efficient removal of the soluble constituents chloride and sulphate. The cleaned dust fraction can either be fed back into the cement process, as a result of which the energy balance and the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

Mercury removal by a patented process

The global cementindustrycontributes to a large percentage of the annual mercury emissions. Raw materials, by-pass and filter dusts contain a high percentage of mercury. Mercury is highly toxicand although it has been removed from production it is still present in the waste stream. Therefore it is necessary for products containing mercury to be carefully recycled in order to prevent any discharge into the environment. Only in that way and by means of progressive development of substitute materials for toxic mercury compounds can the danger for people and the environment be reduced. This is what we can offer you.


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