Colouring the world with iron oxide pigments

Colouring the world with iron oxide pigments

Learn more about the production of high-quality pigments.

Iron oxide pigments ensure that coatings, printing inks or cosmetics can be designed in a wide variety of colours. FERRO DUO has been producing high-quality iron oxide pigments for years, with seemingly no limits to the colour spectrum. For years, our international and renowned customer base has relied on the consistently high quality of our products.

Pigments in demand in many sectors

In addition to printers and paint manufacturers, we also supply the food industry with iron pigments that are completely harmless to health under the food number E-172.

Ferro Duo products for pigment production:

  • FD Iron oxide

Flexible use: FD iron oxide

FD iron oxide is available in many customer-specific formulations and is a versatile raw material. FD Iron Oxide is used as an iron carrier or raw meal additive in cement clinker production, in the ceramic industry as well as for colouring in the production of expanded clay. To conserve natural resources, FD iron oxide is produced exclusively from industrial by-products.