There are many good reasons why our international business partners repeatedly decide in favour of Ferro Duo. Besides ultramodern technology, future-orientated and environmentally compatible products we also rely on innovative, patented production processes.

Highest quality for people and the environment

At Ferro Duo quality is assigned very high relative importance. Constant checks ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Our iron and aluminiumsalts are strictly monitored during the production process.Our quality managementsystem meets all of the requirements according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Certified quality management system

Early in 2015 the fifth recertification of our quality managementsystem was successfully concluded. Our customers can for all of our products rely on the competence and reliability of Ferro Duo.

Ferro Duo introduces environmental protection management

It is our aim to constantly improve environmental protection within the company. Therefore we are voluntarily introducing an integral environmental managementsystem. In that way we ensure that the environmental idea is included in all of our activities in the company, and at our clients at all times and that we achieve improvements continuously.

At the same time we make high demands on our logistic flows, with special emphasis on environmental work.For this we have found a logistic company that likewise performs great environmental work on the subject of CO2.

Ferro Duo products for a healthy environment

Our salts clean municipal and industrial wastewater and free it of constituents harmful to health. In agriculture, our products ensure that hydrogen sulphide is eliminated. Since, during the operation of biogas plants, it leads to an odour nuisance and to health hazards.

Ferro Duo is a certified waste management company

In April 2015 Ferro Duo was again successfully certified as a certified waste management company and is thus entitled to bear the designation “certified” waste management company  for the activities of storage, treatment and utilisation of waste”.

Ferro Duo is GMP+certified

Early in 2011 we successfully achieved GMPcertification. Hence the sale of animal feed and animal supplies is available.
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Ferro Duo certifications:

Ferro Duo is certified to ensure the quality of our business processes and products. These certificates are available for download.

Quality Management: